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“ Best quality, Best service” is always our company purpose, Kanfur will play our own technology advantages to provide customers with the best quality products, the most favorable prices, a perfect sales network and after-sales service and try our best to do for Human Health!

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Kanfur is proud to introduce the 222nm Far UVC Lamps, our line of filtered 222nm Far UV-C excimer lamp modules for microbial reduction applications.
Filtered 222nm Far UVC Lamps can be safely used in unoccupied and occupied spaces without posing a health risk to humans when used within the current exposure limits recommended by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH®) or the requirements of IEC 62471.

No harm to human and animals, much safer than traditional 254 nm UVC lamp
Proprietary Safety Filter Technology Included to Ensure Narrowband 222nm Emission
Mercury Free - Environmental Friendly
Effective Germicidal Wavelength
Effective Reduction of Viruses, Bacteria, and Spores
Wide Operating Temperature
Instantaneous On/Off at Full Output Power
No Lifetime Reduction by Frequent On/Off Cycles


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  • 100000

    Annual production

    Kanfur has our own professional production line with advanced production and processing technology, the annual production up to 100000 sets.
  • 160

    Professional Staff

    Professional and stable R&D, production and sales team, with 160 employees, the company is constantly introducing advanced talents.
  • 50

    Patent certificate obtained

    With a professional R&D team, all products are independently developed and produced by us, we have obtained 50 patented technology certificates in..
  • $4000000

    Annual sales

    Domestic trade and foreign trade two sale teams, exported to more than 50 countries around the world and Annual sales up to usd4000000.

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  • Alexander
    The UV lamp looks very beautiful and stable, i got if for my son. It also has the remote control, which is very easy to operate. It’s really a humanization design. It’s really a very good purchase experience.
  • Ana
    The DHL delivery is so fast, only five days i received my ultraviolet lamp. I have operated it according to its instructions. It’s so easy, with the three gear timing sterilization, i believe it will give me a healthy living room.
  • Nancy
    I am very satisfied with this UV lamp. It is well packaged and shipped quickly. It is easy and fast to use with remote control. The living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen are all disinfected, thank you

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Since its establishment, our factory has been developing first world class products with adhering the principle of quality first. Our products have gained excellent reputation in the industry and valuable trusty among new and old customers..

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