Car Air Purifier with HEPA Filter for Rooms Car Office

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Item name: Mini Air purifier for car; Brand: Kanfur; Power: 4W; Color: Black or Brown; Work mode: Anion + Hepa filter + active carbon filter;
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1. Car Air Purifier with HEPA Filter:3 stage filtration, clean the air of harmful pollutants rapidly.This car ionizer air purifier with 20 million negative ion concentrations removes 99.99 Percent of dust, odors, formaldehyde and fine particulate matter.
2. Fresh Air Reduce Odors:This car air purifier ionizer eliminates smells of smoke, pets, food, human odor and more.The air purifier for car is useful for small space, like toilet, rooms, offices, cars, conference rooms all entertainment places. After putting the fragrance in car air purifier,perfume will be out with the purified air.
3. Portable Air Purifier for Auto: you can take clean air on the way, no matter where you are traveling to.This Air purifier can used by USB. very small size,take the car air purifier hepa out easily to everywhere.
4. Easy Operating: One button control with three operating mode and three different fan speed.Blue and red light turn on represent auto mode.Touch once,low-speed mode,blue indicator light.Touch again,high-speed mode,blue indicator light twinkling continuously.Touch the third time,car air purifier will be changed to the stand-by status,red indicator light.
5. FAST AIR TURNOVER: It takes just 3 minutes to transform the air in your sedan to clean, pure air. 5 min for a small SUV and 7 min for a Minivan. What a great gift for someone with allergies, asthma or sensitive to car air freshener spray.

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1. Product Description

Product Name: Car Purifier
Amount of negative ions: 5 million pcs/cm³
Rated input: 5V/1A
Noise: <43dB
Power: ≤4W
Control mode: human body induction control
Product net weight: 310g
Working environment: -5-50°C
Product gross weight: 600g
Material: external aluminum alloy + internal ABS
Product size: ϕ66mm*H180mm
Use area: <8m³

 2. Product Details

1. Screen display: digital display of temperature and humidity, air quality indicator
2. Human body induction control, you can switch or adjust the air volume with a gentle wave of your hand
3. High-efficiency multiple purification, composite ring filter (coarse filter + HEPA + activated carbon) + negative ion dust removal and sterilization.
4. Aluminum alloy oxidized material, excellent texture and exquisite workmanship
5. 360° annular air inlet, more than 400 precision air inlets

(Quality inspection EPA CE ROHS FCC)


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