Room Air Purifier with UV-C Lamp True HEPA Filter Air Purifiers for Home, Bedroom, Kitchen, Office

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Item name: Room Air purifier; Voltage: 220V/110V; Power: 35W;Air volume: 220 (CADR);Use area: 35-50m²;Noise: <62db;Product size: 330*220*500mm;Package size: 375*238*565mm;Plastic shell: ABS;Motor speed: 1100; Weight: 5KG.

Learn more about the Room air purifier:
✅RELIABLE AIR FILTRATION: This high-end air purifier with the UVpurification lamp and advanced 3-Stage Filtration System--HEPA air purifier with a combination of pre-filter, activated carbon filter and true HEPA filter effectively removes 99. 97% harmful substances in the air.
✅LARGE ROOM AIR PURIFICATION: Remove harmful substances and pet dander from any area. it is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, nurseries, and kitchens. Ninuo UVair purifier with 3 fan speed modes covers 538 ft² / 50 m² in 30 minutes, and 376 ft² / 27.9 m² in only 20 minutes.
✅ULTRA-QUIET FUNCTION: Our air purifiers for home at noise levels as low as 55db. In sleep mode, air purifiers for room purifies the air at only 25dB, creates a restful and soothing space without disturbing your learning, working or sleeping.
✅INTELLIGENT MONITORING SYSTEM: Equipped with advanced infrared sensing system, this powerful air cleaner can real-time measure and display the air quality level. The color of the indicator light will change according to the air quality.
✅KINDLY REMINDER: Normally, Ninuo air purifier filter can be used for more than 3000 hours. When the filter needs to be replaced, the filtration-button will flash. we recommend replacing the filter every 6 months if the running time reaches 15 hours per day. In addition, we also provide a one-year warranty, so please rest assured to purchase!

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1. Product Description

Voltage: 220V
Power: 35W
Air volume: 220 (CADR)
Use area: 35-50²
Noise: <62db
Product size: 330*220*500mm
Package size: 375*238*565mm
Plastic shell: ABS
Motor speed: 1100

Weight: 5KG


2. Product Details

1. With PM2.5 numerical display, LCD digital display, indoor temperature display
2. TVOC odor sensor detects air quality (air quality monitoring in automatic mode, automatic frequency conversion wind speed), in addition to formaldehyde, high-efficiency composite HEPA filter easily removes PM2.5 (can do smoke experiment, 3-5 seconds to quickly remove smoke)
3. The honeycomb activated carbon strongly adsorbs and decomposes the formaldehyde, phenol, smoke smell and mold in the air. The 35 million high-concentration negative ions will refresh your air
4. Ultraviolet sterilization, intelligent automatic mode, three-speed wind speed design, ultra-quiet sleep mode, long 8-hour shutdown time, exquisite touch control, and wireless remote control. 


3. Now You Can Easily Clean The Air At Home Or The Workplace!

Pet dander, dust, and harmful substances make your room air unhealthy that require long-term treatment. Not to mention the cooking odors that fill the kitchen daily and spread to the rest of the house, making breathing difficult for your family. Efficient air purification is not a luxury, but a need for every household.

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